Matteo Sansonetto Bio

Eclectic and skilled musician, Matteo Sansonetto is, regardless his young age, one of the most active Bluesman on the Italian scene. His guitar style gets its main influence from the Chicago Blues sound.

His Soulful voice and the essential but intrepid guitar style give Matteo’s music a remarkable West Side sound.

Uncountable the collaborations and participations either in studio works and live shows, just to mane some; Lurrie Bell, Billy Branch, Omar Coleman, Chris Foreman, Enrico Crivellaro, Paolo Bonfanti, James Bogaloo Bolden (BB King’s band leader), Waldo Wheathers (James Brown band), Pistol Pete, Carl Wyatt and John Lee Hooker’s nephew Archie Lee Hooker.

Moving constantly between Italy and US he absorbed and mastered the style so thoroughly that in the summer 2014 he found himself forced to record his last album with some of the greatest name still alive in the Chicago blues scene putting up a real All star band​; Breezy Rodio, Roosevelt Purifoy, Brian Burke, Marty Binder, Bill Overton e Doug Scharf veteran of many years it the Ray Charles’ band.

The American label Wind Chill Records found the album so great that decided to publish it. The obvious press response didn’t hesitate to arrive from all around the world; Living Blues magazine (USA), Blues Blast (USA), Il Blues (ITA), Blues & Rhythm (UK), Rootstime (​B), Soul Bag (Fr); the German magazine Blues News nominated it the blues album of the month while Blues Matters (UK)

Describes Matteo as one of the brightest Italian blues stars; he’s also one of the few European musician who can find his name on the most esteemed Chicago Blues Guide.

Matteo is constantly on the road, touring the best blues venues and festivals in Italy and abroad; he’s also becoming a very well known face in Chicago since his producer and mentor Breezy Rodio opened for him the doors of the most acclaimed Chicago’s Blues Club; The House of Blues, Rosa’s Lounge, Blues on Halsted e Kingstone Mines.

Spontaneous and magnetic Matteo has a contagious laugh but when he step on the stage he becomes a wild showman with his incendiary guitar and his penetrating voice; wherever he goes the show is always guaranteed as in the best Windy City’s tradition.

This is the Blues of the Matteo Sansonetto’s Blues Revue; a constant conversation between guitar, lead vocal and horns that creates a typical Big Band pathos gliding on a masterfully directed rhythmic section; Matteo’s show is a once in a lifetime must so you can say “I was there!”.